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Which Chefs Do These Fridges Belong To?

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Which Chefs Do These Fridges Belong To?

What’s your fridge looking like right now? If you opened it this very second - what would you find? Some half eaten take away? Cheese? Tupperware containing salad? Racks of beer? It’s impossible to say what a person might have inside their fridge but we’re willing to guess that every single fridge is different.

What you actually have in the fridge, how it’s laidd out and just how well it’s managed can say a lot about a person, how they eat, their organisation skills, their organic stance, their acceptance or hatred of GMO ingredients.

What if you could see inside the fridges of the world’s most famous chefs? How would they look? What does someone like Massimo Bottura keep on his bottom shelf? Just how many mason jars does a chef like Magnus Nillson have?

This is the idea behind a new book called Inside Chef’s Fridges, Europe. Created by food writer Adrian Moore and photographer Carrie Solomon, the book takes a look inside 40 famous chefs’ fridges with some beautiful images and explanations about the ingredients they have. 

It’s fair to say that a chef’s fridge is actually a pretty exciting place to look. The book is available to order online now. 

Left to Right: Kobe Desramaults, Pierre Hermè and Fergus Henderson. 
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