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Ex NASA Engineer Creates Infrared Microwave Monitor

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Ex NASA Engineer Creates Infrared Microwave Monitor

We’ve all been there, grabbing the bowl out of the microwave as it’s steaming hot only to quickly realise it’s still cold in the middle.

Just think how easy it would be if you could see exactly when your food was ready. That’s the logic behind the Heat Map Microwave concept, a simple microwave fitted with an Infrared camera and a screen on the front that shows users their food as it’s cooking.

The video below shows the concept in action as the colour of the food changes from blue when it’s cold to white when it’s heated all the way through.

The designer, Mark Rober - a former NASA engineer, tells Gizmodo that he plans to allow users to display their food cooking on their smart phone - allowing them to sit down and watch their food cooking.

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