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Independence Day Food in Numbers

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Independence Day Food in Numbers
Photo Joel McGrath/ Flickr Creative Commons

Independence Day in the US is one epic blow-out in terms of food and drink, but just how much do Americans spend come 4 July and what do they spend it on?

It may not surprise you to know that some 65.5% of Americans are planning to attend a BBQ, cookout or picnic as part of the festivities this year, according to research by Nielsen and the National Retail Federation, presented in the infographic below by Forbes/Statista. That's 219 million people each spending an average of $73.42.

And what do they spend it on? Chicken and ground beef mainly, if 2016 is anything to go by, with close to $400 million spent on each. It's not only meat though: cherries, salads, watermelon and of course corn are all popular accompaniments to the mountains of meat on the grill. 

People are especially patriotic when it comes to their beer choices on Independence Day, consuming some 60.7 million cases of domestic beer, as opposed to only 10.7million cases of imported. 

So if you're gearing up for the festivities today, make sure to arrive hungry and thirsty. And if you're craving something sweet, why not try these 10 yummy desserts for your 4 July bash?

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