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Bill Gates Invests in Hi-Tech Veggie Burger Company

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Bill Gates Invests in Hi-Tech Veggie Burger Company

Impossible Foods, a meat substitute startup founded in 2011 by the biochemist Patrick O.Brown,has raised massive 108 million in series D funding after receiving financial backing from the likes of Bill Gates.

Impossible Foods look to produce plant-based foods that look, taste and feel like meat when eaten.

More and more venture capitalists are investing in the potential lucrative market of meat based alternatives. As the population grows, more people cut meat and more and more people become aware of the affect our habits are having on the environment, meat substitution will surely increase.

As well as producing meat based alternatives, Impossible Foods also looks to replicate diary products using plants.

It’s not the first time that Bill Gates has put some of his hefty stack of cash towards a company in this sector. He is also an investor in Beyond Eggs - a company that has made a number of products, like mayonnaise, that substitutes the use of eggs with plants based material.

If these trends continue to grow the way they are, just imagine, in the future you might be a vegetarian without even realising it.

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