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An App That Counts the Calories in Your Instagram Pics

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An App That Counts the Calories in Your Instagram Pics

What is your Instagram account could bring back more than likes, comments, shares or hashtags? What if it could actually tell you the amount of calories in the food you just snapped?

That’s exactly what you could happen in the future with a piece of software called Im2Calories that’s being developed by Google.

The artificial intelligence technology is set to be able to analyse pictures of food, identify what’s in the dish and work out the calories on the plate.

The accuracy of the service could be improved further once large amounts of data has been collected, even allowing the company to collate data on public health, consumption in different countries and many other factors.

There have been calorie counting apps in the past but the idea of all of this magically happening at the snap of a pic seems like something that would prove very popular.

I wonder if people will filter out some of the fat to try and beat the counter…

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