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Identità Golose 2014 - Day 3

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Identità Golose 2014 - Day 3
Photo Identita Milano

Lemon grass, coriander, garlic and ginger clung to air inside the main presentation hall for the final day of the international chef congress Identità Golose. A range of chefs from Bangkok were present with Dylan Jones and Bo Songvisava from the Bo.lan restaurant, Prin Polsuk from Nahm and Chumpol Jangprai from Siam Wisdoms all taking to the stage to demonstrate some of their favorite Thai dishes.

Fine Dining Lovers sat down for an interview with Jones and Songvisava from Bo.lan who discussed their latest project in relocating their restaurant to a more sustainable location in Bangkok. The pair also discussed plans of an entirely new restaurant concept with an informal style, tapas styles plates and a focus on Thai drinks. They also spoke about how Thai dining trends are now changing with more and more Thai chefs taking a interest in looking at historical Thai recipes.

Henrik Yde from the Kiin Kiin restaurants in Copenhagen and Bangkok cooks his own style of cuisine that mixes Thai recipes with French techniques. He discussed his work with Umami, a theme that occurred during the conference and one that still seems to be fascinating chefs. Yosuhiro Sasajima from Japan was another chef who took the opportunity on stage to present research on umami and offer the audience a chance to try and distinguish the umami taste and how it can change in different ingredients.

A comparison throughout the day was drawn with the similarities between Italian and Thai cuisine - both very regional, seasonal and both countries that appreciate food on a convivial level.

As chefs dine on into the night and Identita Golose closes for another year, there's been a number of themes to consider. Above all the theme of 'A Tasty Intelligence' was present throughout. Chefs discussed new techniques, discoveries and the ideas that are shaping the future of dining. Refinement seemed to echo in many presentations, taking this collective and relatively new understanding of food and using it, not with flashiness or a want to wow, but to perfect every asset of the dining experience. From how a dish looks, feels and tastes to what emotions it carries and exactly what effect it will have on the body.

It's this want for knowledge and a control over the entire process of the eating experience that is leading chefs to understand food on a whole new level, leading the way for chefs who work alongside nutritionists in the same kitchen and pastry chefs who spend their time researching how water at minus temperatures can be used in desserts to carry flavors and reduce the use of fats. All of this stuff points to yet another layer of the gastronion peeling away, revealing an exciting future of innovative, intelligent, and above all, tasty discovery.

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