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Boyfriend Magically Turns Ice Dispenser Into Candy Machine

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Boyfriend Magically Turns Ice Dispenser Into Candy Machine
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Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to prove the depths of their love. Take the guy in this video, for instance. His girlfriend is obsessed with frozen candy so he turned their refrigerator's ice dispenser into a candy machine.

The video opens with a clear explanation as to why he thought about this sweet idea in the first place: ''My girlfriend says that candy from the freezer is her favorite. So for Valentine's Day I decided to make her something fun.''

Basically, Romeo (as we're calling him) took the ice dispenser out of the freezer, measured it, inserted a divider and filled it with M&Ms, Hershey Kisses and candy hearts...women, are you swooning yet?

Guys, this will be a tough gift to beat. Watch and learn how to make your very own frozen candy dispenser. For detailed instructions, go here.

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