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Foie Gras Donut Launches in Los Angeles

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Foie Gras Donut Launches in Los Angeles
Photo Darin Dines / Flickr

Yet another brave restaurant in the United States has launched a foie gras donut. Umamicatessen, a restaurant in Los Angeles, has created an 8-dollar donut consisting of forest berry jam, foie gras mousse and dusted with ground peanut.

The controversial move is very brave when you take into consideration the backlash caused last year when Do or Dine, another American business,  launched their version of a foie gras donut. Costing 11-dollars the chain received lots of negative publicity after vegan food blogger, Annie Hartnett, started an online petition that eventually received over 3,000 signatures.

With that in mind Umamicatessen's recent addition to their menu may not be the best publicity stunt. Foie gras, more than most foods, attracts lots of opposition because of the way it is often made during mass production. Geese are force fed grain until their liver expands sometimes expanding to eight times their original size.

However, what a lot of people don't realise is that foie gras was originally not made this way. As Dan Barber explains in his video, The Foie Gras Parable, foie Gras can be made naturally without force feeding or 'gavaging' as it's technically referred to.

In fact one of the best foie gras producers in the world, Eduardo Sousa from Spain, has won the coveted Coup de Coeur French food award, one of the highest accolades in food production. He produces purely natural and healthy foie gras by letting his geese gorge on food as the winter arrives, something they do naturally anyway and something him and his family have been producing in this way since 1812.

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