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5 Michelin-Starred Chefs Show You How to Slow-Cook Anything

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5 Michelin-Starred Chefs Show You How to Slow-Cook Anything
As the air gets cooler and autumn unfolds, an inviting bowl of slow-cooked meat, veg or even fish is one of best meals to combat the cold. With stews, casseroles and braising, ingredients melt in your mouth as a bounty of flavours mix together in the pot. It's the type of cooking we assosiate with home, with comfort, with love - and we like nothing more than the warm cuddle of a delicious bowl of hearty, slow-cooked goodness. 
Everyone knows how to slow-cook to some degree but not everyone can create bowls packed with that deep hit only perfectly combined flavors and some basic techniques can provide. From beef to lamb stews, short rib to chicken, below you'll learn how to slow-cook as five Michelin-starred chefs take you through a series of recipes. 
First up we have Raymond Blanc with a slow-cooked recipe for seafood, something that's not usually considered when people mention slow-cooking. However, Blanc is a master in the kitchen and this video will teach you a thing or two if you're a home chef or pro in the kitchen. 

Blanc gets three mentions in this post because he's covered slow-cooking in an episode of his How to Cook television show. In the clip below he covers slow-cooking vegetables. 

Now we have the two-starred chef Daniel Boulud and his slow-cooked lamb dish. 
Intensely flavourful beef ribs: Gordon Ramsay shows us how to slow-cook beef short ribs on the stove.
Discover a French classic as Raymond Blanc talks us through how to make a rich and satisfying dish of boeuf bourguignon.
Chicken casserole or as the French traditionally call it 'poule au pot': check out Tom Kerridge as he walks you through how to make a simple and impressive dish. 

Short Rib is a perfect cut of meat to use when slow-cooking, it's fatty enough that it takes time to breakdown but not too fatty that you can't get a nice bite from it after it's cooked. In the video below, Wolgang Puck explains his recipe for cabernet-braised shortribs. 

Breaking the rules a little bit with this final video because the chef, Paul Foster, doesn't have a Michelin star, however, he has worked at some of the best starred restaurants in the world and the video is super detailed. It's also a very slow recipe. 

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