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5 Essential Knife Care Videos

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5 Essential Knife Care Videos
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You’ve spent a small fortune on your knives and your knife skills are on point, but do you know how to really look after them, so you can get the best out of your knives for years to come?

Knowing how to sharpen and take care of your knives is as important as your choice of knife. The five videos below provide some great tips on sharpening knives and knife care: as a home cook some of this might be completely new to you; professional chefs can use these to brush up on their knife care.

First up, Gordon Ramsay teaches the basics of knife sharpening. It’s amazing how many people don’t even consider sharpening their knives at home.


Next, chef Marco Buric shows you how to sharpen your knives using a waterstone.


Here are two videos from Bob Kramer, maker of some of the world’s best chef’s knives.


Finally, ChefSteps show you how to transform old butter knives into steak knives. Useful!

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