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Slash Food Waste with This Food Storage Guide

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Slash Food Waste with This Food Storage Guide

Here’s a great infographic from Self Storage Finders which could help you cut back on food waste and save you money, simply by making a few simple changes to how you store food.

Food waste is a massive issue, both at home and in professional kitchens, and with fridges still bulging post-Xmas, now is a great time to audit your food storage knowledge.

Do you pay enough attention to where you place things in the fridge? For example, are you aware the lower part is colder and thus more suited to raw ingredients, as opposed to leftovers? Or do you know exactly what fruit and vegetables should be stored in the pantry, where it’s dark and cool and which can be stored on the counter?

Take a look at the infographic below, which also contains some useful tips for how to hack and extend the lifespan of certain foods, as well as how to grow your own from scraps, and start cutting back on food waste – saving the planet and yourself money in the process.

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Ever thought about where you should store what in your fridge? Leftovers here, cheese there, and what's the deal with those humidity drawers? Organizing your food storage space so your fruits and veggies are stored in the proper place will help cut grocery costs and save the environment.


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