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Italian Chefs Slam Jamie Oliver's Carbonara

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Italian Chefs Slam Jamie Oliver's Carbonara
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We all know how fiercely protective Italians are of the traditional Roman carbonara recipe, just ask Nigella Lawson, who faced a huge backlash when she started adding all sorts of new ingredients to the conventional recipe of eggs, cheese, pork and pasta.

In the video below from Italia Squisita, three Rome-based Italian chefs are asked to watch and react to some of the most popular Carbonara recipe videos on the Web, from the likes of Jamie Oliver and Binging with Babish.

If you’ve ever endured a cream and garlic-heavy ‘carbonara’ at a bad ‘Italian’ restaurant you’ll sympathise with the chefs here. They make the point that Italian cooking is all about minimal ingredients and really what more do you need than guanciale (pig jowl), Pecorino, egg yolks, pasta and a good crack of black pepper? Certainly not onions or parsley.

Oliver, who appears last, actually starts off pretty well, but soon draws the ire of the three chefs with his use of garlic and his overuse of pepper, which he decides to add to the pan with the pork, much to the chefs' horror.  

If you want to know the proper way to make carbonara, check out these Michelin chefs cook carbonara videos.

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