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Stop! You've Been Drinking Coffee All Wrong

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Stop! You've Been Drinking Coffee All Wrong
Photo Vesselin Dochkov/Flickr

Quick, stop what you're doing, important newsflash: you've been drinking coffee wrong all this time. This is how to drink coffee properly.

Okay, so we've got your attention now. You haven't really been drinking it incorrectly, but you may, according to a new study, have been holding your coffee mug all wrong. Hence, why you might have found yourself spilling it once or twice.


As Munchies reports, the study, conducted by Jiwon Han at the Far Eastern Federal University, found that the ideal way to hold a mug of coffee is from the top in a kind of "claw–hand" type movement, rather than by the handle (those idiot mug designers, eh – with their "handles").

Important Research

No one likes a nasty front of hand burn whilst carrying mutiple mugs of coffee for colleagues, so we really should be thanking Jiwon Han for telling us how to drink coffee properly. Of course, you could just only half fill the mugs, or carry them on a tray, or you could decide that life is too short and you really have better things to think about.

Or maybe, you've been utilising the claw–hand move all along and are in fact, touching genius. You have permission to feel very smug.

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