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Grant Achatz Shows You How to Cook Steak Like a Boss

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Grant Achatz Shows You How to Cook Steak Like a Boss

Achatz on How to Cook Steak

After the Next restaurant's latest Steakhouse menu, it seems that chef Grant Achatz is getting pretty good at cooking steak.

In the latest Chef Shortcuts series from The Huffington Post Achatz offers up his quick and simple tip on how to cook steak perfectly every time.

His tip on how to cook steak is nothing revolutionary but just how far he pushes the technique of high heat cooking may shock a few home cooks. It involves the practice of cooking steak in a cast iron pan that is as hot as possible, as Achatz explains: "The pan isn't hot enough until canola or grapeseed oil shoots up white smoke immediately upon contact with the surface."

The chef suggest letting a pan sit on top of two stove burners for as much as half an hour before adding the steak. The idea is to encourage the tasty caramelization that takes when meat is cooked at very high temperatures.

Achatz also notes that you need to be using a cast iron pan for the best possible results. This method of cooking meat kicks out a serious amount of smoke, often filling the house, but this is quickly overshadowed by just how great the finished steak tastes on the plate.

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    I have some issues with this technique;
    1) Browning meat Is Not Caramelization - the process is called Maillard Browning - the two are very distinct (caramelization is part of the Maillard metabolic pathway). If you understand even a little bit about Maillard Browning you would also understand how to control it to achieve a better result.
    2) All red meats contain Muscle, Fat and Connective tissue (collagen). The cooking process to achieve a perfect steak must take into account the effect that heat has on all three of these tissues.
    3) For what it is worth, Searing Meat does Not seal in juices - that is impossible. Searing has three basic outcomes - Color, Taste & Texture.
    4) The temperature of the Grill for searing is important but not for the reason given in this article.

    If you want the absolute best method for cooking steak, roast, or any other cut of red meat (excluding BBQ & Sous-vide but including Braise) let me know and I will post it.

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