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Infographic: 10 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Chef

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Infographic: 10 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Chef

We first bought you the anatomy of a chef, and the practical fundamentals to consider if you're thinking of becoming a chef, and now we return with: what it takes to become a truly great chef once you've taken the professional leap.

If you're not satisfied with mediocrity in the kitchen, here are a few pointers in a handy infographic from that'll make you stand out from the crowd.

Chefworks researched and spoke to a number of pros to determine what distinguishes a good chef from a great chef,  concluding with  "we know where greatness comes from: from passion and from following your heart."

The advice is simple, channel your inner passion, draw on your roots, take risks and practice practice practice and tap into your inner drive.  

See if you can identify with the advice and let us know on Facebook if any are missing in your opinion. 

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