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Woman Leaves $15,000 Tip - How Much Should We Be Tipping?

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Woman Leaves $15,000 Tip - How Much Should We Be Tipping?

A woman in America has left waitresses teary eyed after tipping them $5,000 each after overhearing a discussion in which they talked about problems they were having with paying bills.

The mystery woman was dining at Boone County Family Restaurant in Caledonia when she heard waitresses Amber Kariolich, Amy Sabani and Sarah Seckinger discussing their financial hardship. At the end of the meal the lady approached the three staff to hand them each a check, saying: "I want you girls to take these to help with school and everything else in life."

The story comes after a group of anonymous tippers in the U.S. going by the name Tips for Jesus (pictured above) have left a string of huge tips for servers across the country.

To tip or not to tip? That is the question asked at many a table near the end of a meal. If the service has been good enough to warrant a tip the next question is always how much to tip? With every culture having different tipping standards and many places having a different rate for what is an acceptable tip, the whole idea can be quite confusing sometimes.

With the U.S. having a strong service industry, so much so that it's often described as an actual culture, and staff in the country often paid low with the hopes of bumping up their wages through tips, it's here where tipping takes on a whole new significance.

Back in 2013 the internet was hooked by the above video which shows the story of Aaron Collins who, for his dying wish, asked family members to leave a $500 tip for a server at a restaurant. Without the finds, his brother formed a website to collect the money for the tip and has since raised over $50,000 to donate to service staff.

There is also what has become one of the most famous tipping stories in history when a police detective offered to split his lottery ticket with a waitress instead of tip only to win $6 million and stick to his word when he returned to half the winnings. The story was actually made into a film called It Could Happen to You, starring Nicholas Cage.  

If you want some advice on tipping in America take a look at this simple infographic that offers up some quick tips on tipping.


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    It used to be that everyone paid with cash, or maybe a check, for anything, everywhere. However, we now reside in the credit and debit card era and are heading for mobile payments, but one should always make an effort to tip servers with cash wherever possible. You can pay for your meal with an installment loan.

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