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Is this the Best Culinary Destination?

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Is this the Best Culinary Destination?

Hong Kong has been listed as the top culinary destination in a worldwide ranking of food cities, putting it above the usual favourites like Tokyo and Paris.

In the survey conducted by a total of 25 cities were ranked from the opinions of over 12,000 members of their food and drink loving community. Hong Kong was voted dish of the day, joined by three other Asian cities in the top ten. While other surprise entries included Athens as the highest European entry at number four and Las Vegas bagging ninth place for the US.

Hong Kong has a burgeoning street food scene and the online holiday booking site make reference to several dishes to be discovered on a trip, including: "Dim sum, kau kee beef brisket, wonton noodles and poon choi (Chinese stew)." However, diners on a more generous budget can always explore the other end of the culinary spectrum. Afterall this is a city that boasts equally impressive credentials when it comes to fine dining with half a dozen three Michelin star restaurants to choose from.

Take a tasting tour of Hong Kong

São Paolo, Brazil, took second place in the survey of  somewhat hazy criteria, with Booking recommending the Itaim Bibi district for food exploration. Click here to take a city tasting tour in Sao Paolo.

Tokyo, Japan took bronze in the ranking thanks to its "sushi" and plethora of "starred restaurants". The site recommends exploring the food in the Chiyoda Ward neighborhood, but you can always check out our great addresses on where to eat like a local.

Here's the full list of the top 10 destinations:

Top 10 Culinary Destinations Endorsed for food by travellers:

1 - Hong Kong
2 - São Paolo
3 - Tokyo
4 - Athens
5 - Kuala Lumpur
6 - Melbourne
7 - Bangkok
8 - Grenada
9 - Las Vegas
10 - Buenos Aires

See the top 25 on the site.

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