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For Sale: 16th Century Home Complete with Microbrewery

By FDL on

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For Sale: 16th Century Home Complete with Microbrewery

If you or one of your friends is a true beer lover and if you or the aforementioned friend has a spare £845,000 (around $1.3 million) lying around then you may be interested in purchasing this 16th Century house nestled in the beautiful area of Martin in Kent that comes complete with its very own microbrewery.

Called Marston Hall, the building was at one point owned by an eccentric maths teacher called Merrick Saffery Johnson who would invite village locals back for late night samplings of his latest brews.

In 1984 the home, which sits on 1.3 acres of land, was purchased by Denise Hadfield and Gordon Jolliffe in 1984 but the couple did not use the microbrewery that sits underneath the house as they say they were too busy working on restoration.

The lucky buyer will have the space and equipment to brew and store their own brews and as much as the property will attract the beer loving dreamers of the world the owners say that the space is actually big enough to consider a small commercial brewing operation.

Speaking about what the original owner might have thought of the sale of his beloved brewery, Denise said: “Merrick was a beer fanatic who’d be up all night cleaning his brewing equipment before heading off to Lewisham to teach a few hours later, he’d be delighted to know someone was keeping the brewery going.”

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