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Your Best Home Recipe Could Win You an Actual Home

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Your Best Home Recipe Could Win You an Actual Home

Are your brownies joust to die for? Does the entire neighbourhood rave about your creme brûlée? Do you have the perfect filling for a sponge cake? If you answer yes to any of the above, your dessert know how could be about to win you a house.

That’s right, the Associated Press are reporting that one woman in America is putting up her home as the grand prize in a dessert contest.

Erin Allard has donated her four bedroom house in Jackson, California. Recently restored, the Craftsman Home has two bathrooms and is said to be valued at $390,000.

Anyone thinking the offer isn’t legit, Allard is a registered real estate agent and with $100 required for people to enter the competition, her dessert idea could actually end up netting her more than the value of the property - plus a haul of some of the best recipes people have. It would only take 4,000 applications before Allard has in fact surpassed the value of the house which means it could prove to be a highly profitable pastry ploy.

If you think your slice of apple pie could be worth an entire home, you have until September 7th to make your application online. Unfortunately it’s only open to US members but that’s still a whole lot of dessert for the expert panel to ponder.

It also seems from reading the rules that Allard’s company, Rockford Investments, will own all of the recipes submitted to them, including the right to publish them in whatever way they see fit. A move that will probably net them enough profits to turnover another home in return for nana’s best pasta sauce recipe.

A unique idea and one that’s sure to work, just imagine winning a home like this for nothing more than a $100 and the secret to your red velvet cupcakes.

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