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Edible Insect Invasion: the Home Grasshopper Harvesting Kit

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Edible Insect Invasion: the Home Grasshopper Harvesting Kit

The move towards eating insects has slowly been taking place over the past few years. Rene Redzepi and his ants, a number of events in London and the recent book published by the UN offering advice on edible insects and calling for the need for people to start consuming them as ingredients to help ease the pressure of a growing population on the food chain.

We've covered a range of topics concerning the matter but this is the first we've seen that offers people the chance to cultivate their very own edible insects at home.

Called the Lepsis it's part of a collaboration between Ourasanah and KitchenAid and is basically a small kitchen top unit for farming your own edible insects.

They're built to harvest grasshoppers, speaking about the design concept which is a finalist in the INDEX Awards, Ourasanah said: "“In order to move toward a sustainable future, we must do away with our culinary hangups and redefine the paradigm of food.”

The product is not yet commercially available but the idea seems to be attracting a lot of attention. In preparation for the arrival of the Lepsis here's a grasshopper receipe from the Nordic Food Lab.


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