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Holographic Adverts Are Now in Stores

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Holographic Adverts Are Now in Stores
It seems the future of advertising has already arrived in a number of U.S stores with the launch of a set of holographic advertisements from the food manufacturer Mondelez. 
They’re part of a campaign called “Pass the Love” which focuses on the theme of football. People in grocery stores like K-Mart or Price Chopper could see the ads which display as footballs spinning out of the isles. 
It’s a new bid from advertisers to catch our dwindling attention span and uses technology that has already been employed a number of times the music industry. 
This video clip from AOL shows the holographic ad in action and as you can see it’s pretty impressive. 
We just wonder how long it will be before you accidentally mistake a holographic advert as the ingredient on your shopping list. 
There is also use of similar technology at the dining table, as you can see below. 
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