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Historic Heston: Heston Blumenthal's New Cookbook

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The British chef Heston Blumenthal has released a trailer for his upcoming cookbook, Historic Heston, which aims to showcase and explain the history of a number of famous British dishes from history.

Blumenthal has already shown off his keen interest for old English recipes, showcasing this through a number of TV shows and dishes sold at both Dinner and The Fat Duck restaurant.

The new book will be packed with signature recipes from both restaurants with a historical timeline on offer to give context and relevance to each dish. Rice and Flesh (1390), the earliest ever English cheesecake, one of the chef's signature dishes of Meat Fruit (1430) and his now famous Mock-Turtle Soup (1892), served at The Fat Duck, will all be included in the recipe section.

At over 400 pages this is a mammoth book with around 30 different recipes, each accompanied by beautiful, fun and creative illustrations from Blumenthal's long time illustrator, Dave McKean.

This is British cooking at its best, from Medieval to Victorian recipes and beyond,  Blumenthal's latest offering shines new light on a part of the world often shunned for its culinary heritage. With cultural, historical, technical and social references available for each dish and a number of interesting culinary anecdotes throughout  - this book is surely set to change that 'boiled beef' perception of British cuisine.

Historic Heston will be released November 12th and is listed on Amazon with a hard cover price of $180. Below you'll find a great trailer that shows exactly what to expect from, what has to be, one of the best looking cookbooks of the 2013.

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