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Heston Blumenthal Adopts Strict Photo Policy At Restaurants

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Heston Blumenthal Adopts Strict Photo Policy At Restaurants
Photo Dinner/ Mandarin Oriental London

You hear it from chefs and fellow diners all the time: people taking pictures of food is annoying. Some foodies go as far as  standing on chairs and using tripods to snap pictures while their foods gets cold. British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has had enough of the madness and has implemented a strict photo policy at his restaurants.

The Daily Mail reports the new photo policy has been ''quietly'' adapted at Blumenthal's restaurants including The Fat Duck, the three-Michelin starred restaurant he has temporarily relocated to Melbourne.

“Diners can capture their experience as long as it doesn’t affect the other guests’ dining experience or interfere with service. We avoid flash photography, and guests shifting around the dishes and standing to shoot," a spokesperson for The Fat Duck stated.

Non-flash photography is still allowed, "especially in this day of social media where people wish to record their memories using their phone cameras to share with their friends and family," the spokesperson told The Telegraph.

The new policy is being followed at all of Blumenthal's restaurants including Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental in London and The Hinds Head pub in Bray.

If you love snapping pics of food, no worries. This study proves food tastes better when you don't Instagram.

Via Daily Mail | The Telegraph

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