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Ashley Palmer-Watts on Blumenthal's New Airport Restaurant

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A burger fired and placed on the freshest bread, a precise squeeze-to-bite ratio, formed after tasting over 50 different meat mixes. Colorful desserts blended on the spot thanks to automated machines working the nitro ice cream bar. Days of research into how starches form, just to create the perfect fish batter.

When Heston Blumenthal announced plans to open The Perfectionists' Cafe inside Heathrow airport's Terminal 2, the food loving travellers of the world rejoiced. The new restaurant, set to open June 2014, will serve a range of classics: fish and chips, burgers, deli style sandwiches, alongside proper Neapolitan-style pizza thanks to the installation of the UK’s first ever wood fire burning inside an airport.

Ashley Palmer-Watts is the executive head chef at Blumenthal’s Fat Duck Group and has worked closely with the chef for over 15-years. In the video above he speaks to Fine Dining Lovers about the new restaurant, the work that’s gone into researching dishes and just how it will all look once complete.

Blumenthal claims the newly built venue will reflect "the heyday of 1960’s passenger flights", a time when, "air travel was deemed glamorous and travellers dressed in their best to fly.” It certainly marks a new day for gastro-globe trotters, an end to soggy meat patties in even soggier buns and, hopefully, the imminent death of over priced gruel masquerading as sustenance. Imagine people choosing to fly from an airport just for the food they offer.

There are still no pics of the dishes but here's a glimpse of the burger, pic by Ashley Palmer-Watts.

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