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Heston Blumenthal Announces New Christmas Pudding

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Heston Blumenthal Announces New Christmas Pudding

Causing a stir every year and being sold for around 15 times the recommended retail price on sites like Ebay, chef Heston Blumenthal has announced his latest Christmas pudding offering - 6 months before Christmas.

Blumenthal will produce the festive pudding alongside his long time partner Waitrose. This time the chef says he will be adding a healthy dollop of chocolate sauce right at the center of the pudding.

He says the idea was inspired by a trip to Italy when an Italian chef served a Christmas pudding with chocolate sauce on top.

Speaking about the challenge of making a Christmas pudding with a liquid chocolate center, Blumenthal said: "If it had been too liquid it would not have set in the middle of the pudding so we had to thicken it as much as possible. It is thicker than the liquid at the centre of chocolate sponge.”

With the puddings selling out every year it's no surprise the chef and the supermarket are getting the line ready extra early.


Via The Evening Standard

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