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Mmm 'Hop', ba duba 'Hop'

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Mmm 'Hop', ba duba 'Hop'
Photo Hanson Brothers/Facebook

It seems like just yesterday the Hanson Brothers were seducing teenage girls with their mega hit MmmBop, long hair and baggy jeans. Now they are all grown up and ready to sway hearts with a few pints of their new beer.

The aptly named MmmHops, made its grand debut at the premier of The Hangover III. The India pale ale makes a cameo in the movie but has yet to reach a liquor store near you.

Taylor Hanson recently tweeted a picture of himself and Ed Helms drinking a bottle of the brothers' liquid gold. We hope the beer is just as handsome...err, lovely as the singers' voices.

The Hanson Brothers announced plans to brew beer back in 2011 in an interview with Rolling Stone. At the time they said the Oklahoma-brewed beer was something that could help fans ''have a greater experience.''

Ready for a trip down memory lane? Listen to the song that started it all and try to imagine the use of a H instead of a B.

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