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This Chef Guy Fieri Video Will Make You Cry ... With Laughter

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This Chef Guy Fieri Video Will Make You Cry ... With Laughter
Photo Guy Fieri/Twitter

If you’ve ever seen the official music video for Johnny Cash’s Hurt, you’ll know it’s a real tearjerker. Well, this mash-up of the song and footage from chef Guy Fieri’s Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives will also have you reaching for the tissues, as you wipe salty tears of laughter from your face.

YouTube user Major Wertz created the video for reasons unknown, but it’s already gone viral with close to half a million views at the time of writing. As Cash sings of regret at a life lived unwisely – Hurt is a Nine Inch Nails song originally – we see celebrity chef Guy Fieri ram an assortment of snacks into his mouth. “What have I become?” sings Cash, as Fieri struggles to fit his mouth around a deep–filled baguette.

Fieri has owned many restaurants and endorsed a number of products over the years, including BBQ sauces and coffee, but this ... this may be a true lasting legacy. Our eyes have just about stopped leaking – we’re pretty sure they’re tears of laughter, anyway.

Watch this famous video of a chef totally losing it in the kitchen.

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