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People Swap Guns for Food in LA

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People Swap Guns for Food in LA

Over 1000 different types of guns have been handed in at an vent in Los Angeles tht encouraged people to trade guns for food vouchers worth up to $200.
The event was organized as a direct response to the shooting which took place before Christmas in Connecticut.

Weapons ranged from uzi style automatics to rifles dating back to WW2. Police promised to ask no questions to those bringing guns in with $100 food vouchers given for hand guns and rifles and $200 vouchers given to those who handed in automatic weapons.

It's an interesting scheme that seems to have had some success with the number of weapons recovered by police - one unnamed man told Sky News that he was bringing in rifles that belonged to his father, saying: "The guns have been sitting around, and there's a money incentive, so why not?"

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