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Guinness Goes Vegan

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Guinness Goes Vegan

After 256 years, the makers of Guinness have announced they will change their recipe - removing what is referred to as a fish bladder filtration process - to make the drink suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

The famous dark and thick stout is normally produced using something called isinglass - a fish bladder based product that’s used to help yeast settle faster in the brewing process.

A spokesperson for Guinness told The Times that they would look to stop using the filtration process and replace it with a vegan friendly alternative by 2016.

The moves comes after a campaign from vegans to have the process stopped and it surely means that many who avoided the drink because of the trace of fish bladder that remaining in the brew will now be able to sample a tipple of the famous drink.

Here's how you pour the perfect guiness, from tap and can - an art that many argue can make or break the drink. 

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