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Gucci Open Their First Restaurant

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Gucci Open Their First Restaurant

Gucci has joined a host of fashion powerhouses this week by opening their first restaurant - a bistro called 1921 Gucci Café.

The new restaurant marks a move from the label to join the likes of Armani and Ralph Lauren who also have their own restaurants.

However, unlike most of their fashion rivals who have locations in fashion hubs like New York or Milan, the 1921 Gucci Café has opened inside the IAPM shopping centre in Shanghai, with The Daily Meal reporting the restaurant is only accessible by an elevator inside the Gucci store.

The menu is, as you might expect, Italian themed with dishes that touch almost every region of the country. 

Gucci does already operate a cafe as part of the Gucci museum in Florence but the new venture in Shanghai will be the label’s first fully serviced restaurant. At the beginning of the month we brought you the news that the car manufacturer Porsche had opened their own restaurant. What’s next? Burgers by Adidas? Perhaps Nike will change their famous motivation slogan to “Just Roux It”.

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