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LED Powered Indoor Farm Aims to Grow Plants without Soil or Sun

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LED Powered Indoor Farm Aims to Grow Plants without Soil or Sun

The picture you see above is of the new GrowWise City indoor farm in the Netherlands which grows plants using LED lighting.

The idea, which is being developed by Philips, is to build a space in which farmers can grow crops all year round without the need for light or even soil.

The idea is that by using specially designed LED lighting, each plant can be given a very specific amount of light depending on what they require for optimum growth. Basically each light within the unit can be tweaked for each individual plant.

Speaking about the research, Gus van der Feltz, Philips Global Director of City Farming, said: “Our aim is to develop the technology that makes it possible to grow tasty, healthy and sustainable food virtually anywhere. The research we are undertaking will enable local food production on a global scale, reducing waste, limiting food miles and using practically no land or water”.

There are apparently thousands of researchers working at the new GrowWise farm which hopes to help address some of the problems of where we’re all going to get our food from as the population continues to rise.

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