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That Time a Chef Served Ramsay Grilled Caesar Salad

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That Time a Chef Served Ramsay Grilled Caesar Salad

Being in charge of the type of TV shows that chef Gordon Ramsay is involved with means he’s served a pretty strange mix of dishes, some good and some absolutely crazy.

In the video below a chef decides to serve Ramsay a whole new take on a classic dish, wait for it, grilled Caesar salad.

Not only does the chef think it’s ok to be grilling a Caesar salad he also thinks that the salad should be delivered nice and spicy.

In true Ramsay style the chef stands up and announces the arrival of the dish to the entire restaurants, asking people if they’ve ever seen a grilled salad before. It's actually quite a common recipe with a Google search revealing 433,000 results but Ramsay is having none of it, even though one of our community members on Facebook revealed that there was a grilled lettuce on one of Ramsay's menus at his Maze restaurant in New York.

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