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Grant Achatz to Offer Vegan Menu in 2013

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Grant Achatz to Offer Vegan Menu in 2013
Photo Christian Seel

Grant Achatz and the team at his Next restaurant in Chicago have released details of some of the 2013 gastronomic plans, including a vegan menu from May to August.

Achatz is known for his magical food creations and constantly moving the culinary goal posts as he looks to innovate in the kitchen. Who know what he has in store for a vegan menu but we're pretty sure it will be one of the most unique vegan offerings ever created.

In a whole different light Next will kick the 2013 season off with a menu called The Hunt. It will feature wild game and foraged ingredients.

To finish the year off Next will take on a new identity inspired by the Bocuse d’Or, a culinary competition that sees chefs from around the world represent their countries in one of the toughest cooking challenges around.

If the new menus are anything like the ones below from 2012 - lucky diners are surely in for a treat.


Via: The Malaysian Insider

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