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Is A Steakhouse Menu Coming To 'Next'?

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Is A Steakhouse Menu Coming To 'Next'?
Photo Don LaVange/Flickr

The ever-changing menus at Grant Achatz's Next in Chicago are part of the restaurant's great allure. There's been an elBulli menu, a Sicilian theme, a Kyoto dining adventure, a vegan menu and, most recently, an ode to the Bocuse d'Or. The big question now is: what will be next?

The chef's latest tweets have given way to speculation that a steakhouse menu could be featured at the restaurant. Recently, he posted  a picture of ribeyes with the caption ''test run at home...Ribeyes!'' He then retweeted the same pic with a different caption: ''Testing steak with creamed spinach and hash browns. Hollidaise, roasted kabocha squash ..., no hints.......''

So, what's in store at Next? It's still unclear but both The Daily Meal and Eater have reported that Next may have a steakhouse menu in 2014. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet but the chef's latest tweets sure make us excited about the possibility.

One thing we do know is that Achatz and Daniel Humm from Eleven Madison Park are considering buying a train that runs from Chicago to New York. The endeavor would come on the heels of their successful restaurant swap last year.

As for a possible steakhouse menu at Next, we'll keep you posted as more details surface. In the meantime, feast your eyes on some of Next's latest menu offerings:

Bocuse D'Or Menu

Next Vegan Menu Trailer
Next's elBulli Homage
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