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Grant Achatz's Next Kyoto Menu

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Grant Achatz's Next Kyoto Menu
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The team at Grant Achatz's Next in Chicago is bringing Japan to the table this fall. They hinted at the changes in a new video teaser that, ironically, does not feature food.

The black and white video features a man and a woman sitting across the table from each other. The man is smoking while playing with a deck of cards and talking about a recurring dream. Clad in a weddng dress, the woman sits there silently. Of course, this all adds to the allure and mystery of the upcoming Kyoto menu. 

This is a departure from Next's previous documentary-like video, which featured a variety of Sicilian dishes and their history. Before dipping into Italy, Next also paid homage to Ferran Adria's elBulli in an earlier menu. 

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