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Achatz Tests Minestrone while Listening to Pavarotti

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Achatz Tests Minestrone while Listening to Pavarotti

Grant Achatz and his crew at both Next and Alinea are know for producing great videos, the sort of videos that even the techies seems to get excited about. Their Next trailer menus are looked forward to for months and instantly posted across the web when they're launched.

It's for all these reasons that the next video from Grant Achatz comes as such a surprise. It shows the American chef performing his own taste test of three different tins of minestrone.

Achatz is first seen purchasing the tins before he then heads home to dramatically open each one while listening to Luciano Pavarotti.

It's a truly odd but rather humorous video, at one point the chef even grabs the cans and sniffs them like a fresh bunch of herbs.

Take a look for yourself.

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