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Grant Achatz and NEXT Focus in on Terroir

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Grant Achatz and NEXT Focus in on Terroir

While Grant Achatz is busy planning ideas for his Alinea pop-ups in Miami and Milan, his NEXT project remains on its unique path of constant evolution.

The last menu at NEXT focused in on the Bistros of Paris and their latest is a menu focused on Terroir with dishes designed around wine.

In their usual style, the team have released a cool trailer to promote the new menu featuring Achatz and executive chef Dave Beran as they discuss the importance of terroir in cuisine.

The duo say they want to make wine more playful, to tackle a topic that is usually seen as very serious and present it in a more fun and playful way. Perfect timing after we recently spoke about the growing idea that the world of wine has become way to complicated for regular consumers.

It’s beautifully shot and shows off a few of the ingredients the team may play with when producing dishes that match with certain terroirs.

Don't miss our favorite NEXT video from their vegan menu: 


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