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Is Grant Achatz Taking Alinea on Tour?

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Is Grant Achatz Taking Alinea on Tour?

Could Grant Achatz be planning to go on tour? Speaking with Food and Wine the American chef talks about the fact that restaurants don't have to have permanent residence.

Achatz asked the question, why does a restaurant have to have a permanent address? A concept he challenged himself recently when his Alinea team travelled from Chicago to New York to swap venues with Daniel Humm's team at Eleven Madison Park.

He talks about the fact that he has already questioned restaurant reservation systems, how to serve food on plates and do cocktails need to be liquid? Questions the he has personally answered with his constant innovations at his two restaurants Alinea, Next and his cocktail bar, The Aviary.

Achatz posed the thought to Food and Wine, "why can a musical act, a theater troupe or a circus go on the road, but a chef or restaurant cannot?"

An interesting question and one that subtlety hints at the idea of a traveling Alinea show, the chef finishes his musings by asking, "why can’t we go to Paris, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Austin, Miami? Seems very doable to me." Reading between the lines it seems the idea is something Achatz is certainly considering, he's proven it can work with the EMP swap and for sure he has enough fans around the world. We can't contain our excitement at the idea Achatz and his team taking their unique dining experience on tour.

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