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Granola Forced Off Menus in Australia

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Granola Forced Off Menus in Australia

Granola, the new big thing andan ingredient that seems to be appearing on menus all over the world - unless your in Australia that is. That's because a number of chefs and restaurant owners recieved written warnings asking them to stop serving Granola in their dining rooms.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that a number of chefs have been approached by the cereal producer Sanitarium, threatening them with legal action for using the word granola.

It seems Sanitarium have a trademark on the word after a dispute with rival cereal producer Kellogg's in 1876 and they're taking its use very seriously indeed.

Chef Jared Ingersoll, who runs Danks Street Depot in Sydney, said he was shocked to receive the legal threat out of the blue and that it's one of those issues that seems a little over blown.

Ingersoll explained to the Telegraph: "It's kind of silly, but I will have to change the name," adding, "The crazy thing is, I've tried to work out how much granola you'd need to sell to pay for all the lawyers. It's a lot of granola."

Chefs around the land shouldn't go rushing to change their menus just yet - Sanitarium only hold the patent for Australia at the minute so their cereal whip only stretches so far.

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