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The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle is Coming

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The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle is Coming
The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle is set to take place on July 9th with 37 of the world’s best chefs packing their knives and swapping places with each other. 
That’s the likes of Rene Redzepi, Alain Ducasse, David Thompson and Virgilio Martinez swapping restaurants, houses, cars, live and wives - ok, the last one we made up but they really are swapping lives. 
No one knows where the chefs will go to, as the idea, thought up by Blaine Wetzel who is one of the youngest Gelinaz members, calls for the chefs location to remain a secret until the last minute. 
Unfortunately tickets for The Shuffle have now sold out but we’re expect it to be a big night full of fun and surprises.
The team have launched a special digital wall that will allow people to monitor all the action from each restaurant taking part. We’ll be attending one of the diners and tweeting live but we’re keeping our own selection secret until the big night. 
For now, watch The Gelinaz! gang in action as they surprise Wylie Dufresne in America.

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