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Watch Ramsay Try Sushi Pizza and Instantly Regret It

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Watch Ramsay Try Sushi Pizza and Instantly Regret It
Photo Screengrab/YouTube

Gordon Ramsay had to eat some terrible food during his years making Kitchen Nightmares, but this sushi pizza must be up there with the worst.

Sushi rice topped with salmon, crab, mayonnaise and melted cheese? No thanks, but gamely, Ramsay gives it a try and well, you can guess what his reaction is.

As you’ll see from the clip, this clumsy attempt at Japanese-Italian fusion is the least of the problems at this failing restaurant – they even reuse the chopsticks, complete with burn marks and dried on food! It’s a horror show all round.

One of the worst restaurants ever on Kitchen Nightmares? Probably. One of the worst dishes? Certainly.

Watch below 

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