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Ramsay's Top 5 Shutdowns

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Ramsay's Top 5 Shutdowns
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Every episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares sees the chef having to deal with some pretty clueless chefs and restaurant owners, or sometimes those that have simply worked themselves into a hole and need Ramsay’s help to rediscover their passion for the food business.

But sometimes, the kitchens are so poorly run that they become a danger to the paying public and Ramsay has to shut them down in the middle of service: rotten food, cross-contamination, pests ... it’s a health and safety nightmare and there isn’t much that seems to rile Ramsay more than a dirty kitchen.

Here are then are Gordon Ramsay’s top five shutdowns. Be warned there are some pretty revolting scenes in this video, and, it goes without saying, strong language.

If you’d like to see Ramsay back in his own kitchen, check out this video filmed at his eponymous London restaurant back in 1999, when he was chasing his third star and found himself, one night, cooking for the President of Michelin.

Ramsay fails at making pad thai



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