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Ramsay will Now Review Your Cooking on Twitter

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Ramsay will Now Review Your Cooking on Twitter
Photo Christopher Allen / Flickr

If you have some strange inclination towards being verbally abused or you just like the adrenaline of standing in the firing line, how about letting Gordon Ramsay give you his own critique of a picture of one of your dishes?

Over the past few days a growing trend has appeared on Twitter - Ramsay is now roasting his followers' dishes.

It started with an innocent enough question about the missing tips of asparagus on a home cooking pic, and, as with everything online, it spiralled quickly.

Ramsay is now fielding tweets from all over the world as he passes on his reviews of dishes. It’s led to some pretty funny comments, as you would imagine.

To get the Ramsay treatment for one of your dishes, it seems all you have to do is ask, sending the chef a tweet with a picture of what you're cooking.

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