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Gordon Ramsay Offers Job After Student with Dwarfism is Denied Culinary School

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Gordon Ramsay Offers Job After Student with Dwarfism is Denied Culinary School

Gordon Ramsay has never been shy of offering advice, he’s got prior for going above and beyond in helping people online, good and bad, and he’s recently come to the aid of a struggling 18 year old chef with dwarfism.

Louis Makepeace, who is just 3ft 10in because of achondroplasia: a form of dwarfism that causes short limbs, applied for a culinary course at the Heart of Worcestershire College but said he was turned down after course leaders told him his height would pose a health and safety risk and “disruption” in the kitchen.

According to Makepeace’s mum, Pauline, leaders said he would “never be able to work in a restaurant anyway.” However, this assumption has been totally smashed out of the park after Ramsay stepped into the argument online.

Speaking with the Mirror, Makepeace said: “We are supposed to have equality of opportunity yet I'm not allowed to do something I love doing. They are simply not prepared to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate me such as making the surfaces and hobs lower."

His mum claims that the college has in the past accommodated a student with the same condition as her son, making the necessary adjustments needed.

"We were prepared to be flexible and my mum said I could maybe do the cooking at home whilst the new equipment was installed but they kept saying no. It really has dented my confidence, how am I ever supposed to get the culinary skills that's going to get me a job in a catering environment. How am I supposed to get by if this is how I'm treated? I feel like I have been excluded from the real world.”

A spokeswoman for the college said: "As the student's place at the college is still under discussion, we do not wish to make a comment." However, people on Twitter are now telling the Ramsay to follow through and give the boy a job.


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