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Watch Gordon Ramsay Get Bossed in the Kitchen

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Get Bossed in the Kitchen
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We’re used to seeing Gordon Ramsay ordering people around in the kitchen, so it’s actually pretty nice to see him not looking completely in control for a change.

He recently appeared on South Korean television on a show called Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, where chefs compete making a 15-minute meal from a celebrity's fridge. 

As you can see, he’s a little out of his comfort zone, and you can see his patience being stretched to breaking point by the team in the studio, who are constantly goading them.

Then when he messes up the rice, all hell breaks loose. But this being Ramsay, he manages to turn it around. He looks like he wants to rip the host’s head off by the end though.

This was actually part of a controversial trip to Korea, in which Ramsay was widely criticised for endorsing a local beer some people describe as “the worst beer in the world.”

Watch the video below

Via Food Beast

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