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Ramsay Sparks Outrage After Criticising Indian Dish

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Ramsay Sparks Outrage After Criticising Indian Dish
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As you may know, Gordon Ramsay has recently been rating the public’s cooking on Twitter. It’s all fairly tongue in cheek, with people lining up to have their homecooked meals trashed by the sharp-tongued chef.

But Ramsay may have taken it too far with a dig at an Indian dish. Twitter user ‘Rameez’ posted a photo of a medu vada sambar – a traditional fried lentil dish – and nariyal chutney that he’d made and asked Ramsay to rate it. Take a look at Ramsay’s response below.

The dish is a staple at breakfast time across South India, and the internet was quick to slam Ramsay, as “ignorant” and an “ass.” His criticism seems to focus on the presentation; however, this is how the dish is served in many restaurants, and millions eat from metal trays every day across India. 




It’s unclear whether people realised that Ramsay has been doing this whole rate my dish thing for a while now and many people submit their creations in the hope of being insulted. Rameez, for his part, was “amused” by the response, according to The Independent.


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