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Don't Ever Serve Ramsay a Steak Like This

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Don't Ever Serve Ramsay a Steak Like This
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Here's how to further rile a fiery chef known for sweary outbursts: serve him a steak in a roof tile.

In this Kitchen Nightmares clip, Gordon Ramsay is looking forward to tucking into a succulent filet mignon, but instead gets a tough old slab of meat finished tableside, ineplixably, in a roof tile that acts as a kind of guttering for the garlic butter. 

He's left speechless. We wonder what he'd have to say about some of these plating disasters

It's amazing how wrong some restaurants are about the best way to serve food to a three Michelin star chef who's come to inspect your restuarant, let alone paying customers – and how oblivious they are. It's funny, but seriously, a roof tile? 

Can Ramsay do better? Of course he can, watch Gordon Ramsay cook steak five ways, and for more plating inspiration, check out these 100+ amazing plating ideas, none of which will leave you with a hole in the roof. 

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