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That Time Ramsay Fired a Waiter for Doing This

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That Time Ramsay Fired a Waiter for Doing This

Even Gordon Ramsay admits that back when he was chasing his third Michelin star at his eponymous London restaurant around the turn of the Millennium, he was a bit of a maniac in his quest for perfection.

The clip below is from that time. It’s taken from Boiling Point, the show that introduced Ramsay and his swearing vocabulary to the general public, and kickstarted his TV career.

It shows the moment Ramsay brutally fires a waiter from the restaurant and quite literally sends him on his bike. His crime? He’s caught drinking from a bottle of water in view of customers.

Some might say Ramsay’s being a little harsh, but given what was at stake, he obviously felt that nothing could be left to chance.

Further down is another video of Ramsay chewing out his waiters around the same time. You can see them quaking in their boots, and to be honest, we feel a little scared just watching it.

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