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What Happens When a Chef Lies to Gordon Ramsay?

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What Happens When a Chef Lies to Gordon Ramsay?
There’s some proper classic Gordon Ramsay videos knocking around on YouTube and one of our favourite has to be this one that shows a chef who decided to try lie to Ramsay on his Kitchen Nightmares television show. 
Ramsay has already told the chef, who asked for his help with a failing restaurant, to stop deep frying the roast potatoes they serve and he looses his head when the chef tries to pass off a load of soggy potatoes as roasted ones. 
Anyone with basic cooking knowledge could tell you if a potato had been roasted or fried but this cocky French chef seems to think he can get one over on Ramsay. 
Watch as he literally ties himself up in lies before Ramsay gets straight to the truth buy asking his sous how they were prepared. 

Check out this collection of Michelin chefs cooking potatoes in many ways. 

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