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Why Gordon Ramsay Was Banned from His Daughter's Parents Evening

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Why Gordon Ramsay Was Banned from His Daughter's Parents Evening

It turns out there’s one place where Gordon Ramsay is not the boss and that’s his child’s school. That’s right, the shout chef has recently revealed that he’s been banned from attending his daughter’s parents evening at school.

Was it for his terrible on screen persona? Did he swear in front of the kids? Did he complain about their school dinners? It’s actually none of the above, in fact, he was banned for quite a weird reason.

Speaking to Vegas Magazine, Ramsay was asked if he had ever failed at anything, to which he responded, “I have failed. I failed at turning up for parents evening at my kids’ school.”

He says this wasn’t the reason either, the ban came when he did finally turn up. “When I went to the next one with my youngest, Tilly, I asked the headmaster for a selfie, after which I got kicked out, and so I really f-cked that one up.”

A selfie? One has to wonder why Ramsay was seeking a selfie with his daughter’s headmaster, but apparently it didn’t go down too well with the faculty.

Ramsay adds, “The following day I received an email saying, “Can you please refrain from the next parents evening – we do not need the presence of Mr Ramsay.”


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